Tuesday – Friday 4:00 – 12:00 a.m.
Saturday 2:00 – 12:00 a.m.
Sunday 2:00 – 9:00 PM


Big Bastard Double IPA
notes of strawberries and hay with a citrus-forward thick body and a dank finish; deceptively easy to drink, 9 percent ABV

Tart, salty, and light  bodied, a German-style beverage, perfect for the Summer – has a delicious coriander finish

New Frontier Gin-Barrel Aged Sour Ale
complex Brett sour with floral notes of gin botanicals and dried fruit, strong presences of peach in the middle

Hybrid Vigor Saison
Recipe by local homebrewer Jerry Shelton, this Belgian-style beer is full of floral and fruit notes; dry with a pleasant smoothness

Hop Candy IPA 
notes of sweet melon and tangerines with low bitterness and a silky body; a Knoxville favorite!


Imperial Molasses Porter
Made with 30 year old molasses, this delicious porter has a smooth body and a semi-burnt caramel taste; subtle notes of molasses– slightly sweet and well-balanced


Duchess de Bourgogne
Boulder Chocolate Shake Stout
Sawworks Pumpkin Ale (Aged)
Alliance Kolsch


Like beer but would also like a foodie experience? Try Sugar Mama’s Bakery on 100 Block Gay Street, a minute up the road from Crafty Bastard Brewery. They offer delicious pizzas, duck sandwiches, breakfast options, baked goods, and local beer (ours will be on draft soon!). Support craft. Support local. Support deliciousness!


Tuesday: Dinner Bell Fresh (Vegan/Vegetarian)
Wednesday: Jamamerican (Jamaican/Caribbean)
Thursday: Good Golly Tamale (Vegan/Meat Options/Local/GMO-Free)
Friday: Retro Taco (Mexi-Cali)
Saturday: Cubish (Irish-Cuban Fusion)
Sunday: Rotating


Crafty Bastard Brewery is a Knoxville nanobrewery located in the 4th and Gill area on Central Street, only a two minute drive from the downtown Old City. We specialize in unconventionalknox3 craft beers. We keep it small to ensure that we provide the most unique, top-quality beers in East Tennessee. If you’re looking for tropical flavored IPAs, smoky porters, and hop-heavy English style beers as well as casks and infusions, Crafty Bastard Brewery is the place for you! Look through our beer listing. We try to have a constant rotation going, so check back often.

Crafty Bastard Brewery was founded in 2014 by Aaron McClain and Jen Parker. Jen and Aaron have traveled the United States and studied craft beer in places like Portland, Asheville, and San Diego. In love with the innovative efforts of so many small breweries, they wanted to share their passion for the beer world with their hometown of Knoxville, where the craft beer movement is still up-and-coming.

So stop by, have a beer, and enjoy some food from one of Knoxville’s local food trucks.

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