Cicada Front


Cicada Barrel House’s parking lot would be located primarily in the front with fresh asphalt and paint for easy navigation. Spaces would be planned out to ensure there would be no cramp fits or uneasy exits/entrances. We would have a fence in the front sidewalk area designed and sculpted by our neighbors at Ironwood Studios. We would want the first impression of our place convey that we were locally-minded, artistic, intelligent, and casual.

We would have our Cicada signage displayed with a sketched image of a cicada in profile and a champagne colored background. We have an artist who would be handling the concept drawings, and we have a graphic designer who could complete the look. We are still conceptualizing the sign since we want our sign to be approachable as well as elegant. At the moment, we think it’s too elegant, and we are thinking of a way to bring it a touch more down to earth without losing the professional appeal. We are thinking about adding multi-colored lines to the cicada sketch with a cheery, red border. The sign would be on display either above the entrance or by the front fences. We want it to be seen but not ‘showy.’

There would be Cicada themed wall lights on either sides of the entry, and we would try to have sculpted cicadas incorporated in the fence and in the decor.

As for the front patio, we would want to complete the roof with clear panels on top to keep the focus on the wooden beams and keep the ‘open feeling’ it currently has. This is to create an excellent alternative during inclement weather for those still wanting outdoor spaces. We would also utilize it in the wintertime as an outdoor space by adding on plastic enclosures and sleeves to seal in the heat. We would station a few heat lamps inside to keep it cozy. It would also have some string lights and gentle fans for hot days to prevent stuffiness.