Sour ales and wine are being produced more in the country right now. Cities are investing in the products, and consumer demands are higher than what is currently being provided. At the moment Knoxville is extremely lacking in wine destinations, and its sour destinations are non-existent. Cicada Barrel House would change that.

The leaders of Crafty Bastard Brewery have already created a fantastically successful craft beer brewery that has greatly improved development in their located area of 4th and Gill in terms of economic growth and cultural appeal. They have their fingers to the pulse of the moods and tastes of Knoxville consumers and are the established ground breakers of craft beverage innovations. Aaron McClain is the most accomplished and celebrated brewer in the area. Jen Parker’s marketing and public relations skills have made their brewery the number one craft beer destination in Knoxville. They are fiscally responsible, professionally minded, and highly creative. They are already well-connected to a network of hardworking and intelligent people willing to offer their skills to the project. Not only would Cicada be the launching point for some of the greatest sours in the South, it would be the first launching point for infusion wines and innovative blends. Cicada would be throwing out the pretentiousness surrounding wine in this country and would be recreating it as a beverage once again of the people and for the people in ways that have never been attempted.

How? Let us share their vision with you! Follow the links below to get a bigger idea of what we would be doing with Cicada Barrel House. 




Front/Parking Lot