Cicada – Interior



Intimate and inviting.

Its walls would be mulberry/wine purple with low hanging orange lighting. These effects would create a relaxing space that isn’t too dim or bright. The bar would be white pine, and there would be gold and hunter green accents throughout the decor to compliment the purple walls.

It would be a more intimate/introspective area than the provided space in the front patio and back courtyard. We would want to keep it informal with cozy, approachable tables and chairs that focus more on comfort than style. Gaillardia and marigold flower arrangements would be placed on our tabletops ever weekend for a humble but inspired look!

The decor would be spartan with a few pieces of artwork– tasteful bohemian. We would feature large pieces from Carli Whaley and Lauren Lazarus (abstract acrylics). A few decorative, iron sculpted cicadas would decorate random corners and spots throughout the area

Our main creative focal point would be our ‘warehouse’ look. We’d have wine barrels stacked for aging and blending that customers can meander around and observe. We’d have our sour and wine house side roped off but viewable with foeders, fementers, and racks of barrels. There would be shelves with bottles on display/for sale and merchandise for purchase (shirts, glassware, and such).

We want to avoid the ‘cluttered’ look that is so commonly used for Boho-styled restaurants and cafes. We would have a cleaner, more breathable space where everything has a purpose, and nothing feels showy or contrived. It will have a carefree aesthetic.