Cicada – Food/Drink


Crafty Bastard Brewery is the highest rated brewery in the region, one of the most celebrated breweries in the state, and it continues to have high acclaim in much of the country. Our headbrewer, Aaron McClain, wants to continue this momentum with a sour house program. We would have foeders and racks of wine and oak barrels for various aging processes and blends for an array of fruited and treated sours. We will offer a number of house Goses (cherry, pickle, chili lime, etc.) when we open along with a number of sours from breweries like Cascade, Crooked Stave, and Jolly Pumpkin.

We would also have a large selection of premium wines from California, Virginia, Argentina, and Italy as well as our own house blends and experimental infusions involving innovative new methods for imparting additional characters into modest wine varietals– such as chocolate, coffee, whiskey, cherries, strawberries, etc.

We want to bring the “craft spirit” from beer into wine and introduce new approaches to it that would not only improve its versatility as a beverage but remove it from the stuffiness and pretentiousness that can too often be associated with it.

As for food, we want to offer a handful of well made, healthy items. Most of our menu items would be vegetarian or vegan. We would focus mostly on the food complimenting the wines and sours and make it affordable, well-portioned, and simple. Our monetary focus would not be on food but on the wine and the sours. We would want to have delicious, unique dishes that are reasonably prices, so people feel less put off about purchasing high end beverages. We plan to offer plating choices where people can spend a couple dollars on selected items for the food pairing at their tables. We would offer items like vegetarian/vegan finger sandwiches, gourmet cheeses, cured meats, and a rotating assortment of tapas (subject to the season).



House Goses:
Goses hail from Germany and are tart, salty, and light; they are low in alcohol and typically served in the summertime; they pair well with mini caprese bites and prusciutto

(1/2 pour 4 dollars | 16 oz. 6 dollars)

Cherry Pie
Chili Lime

Guest Sours:

Crooked Stave’s Nightmare on Brett (aged in whiskey barrels) (9.00 // 12 oz. pour)
Vonseitz Theoreticale’s Lick My Sage Gruit (7.00 // 16 oz. pour)
Jolly Pumpkin’s La Roga Flanders Red Ale (8.00 // 12 oz. pour)
Cascade Brewing Company’s Noyaux Sour Ale (8.00 // 8 oz. pour)

Cicada Sours:

Persephone Wild Sour (6.00 // 12 oz. pour)
A black saison aged in a gin barrel with our house sour blend of microbes. Strong notes of red wine and oak. Incredibly complex, yet surprisingly quaffable.

The Apostate Flanders Red Ale (7.00 // 8 oz. pour)
Plum, prune, raisin and raspberry notes, followed by orange and some spiciness with a moderate sourness aged for two years in an oak barrel

Oh, my Gourd Pumpkin Sour (9.00 1/2 pour | 12.00 16 oz. pour)
Aged for several months in an oak barrel with our house culture of souring microbes. The resulting beverage has a moderate gourd-like sourness and only the slightest hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. Very unique 



Red Wines – By the Glass – On Tap
Aperture 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon California, Alexander Valley 29
JC Cellars “Cassata Vineyard” 2013 Zinfandel California, Sonoma County 19
Prisma PINOT NOIR Casablanca, Chile 9
Maison Charmelieu PINOT NOIR Mâcon, France 11
Diora PINOT NOIR Monterey, CA 13
Salcheto SANGIOVESE Chianti Colli Sensi, Italy 8
Torremoron TEMPRANILLO Ribera del Duero, Spain 9
Zorzal MALBEC Tupungato, Argentina 9

White Wines – By the Glass – On Tap 
Saline TXAKOLI Geteraiko, Txakolina, Spain 30
Fossil WHITE BLEND Lisboa, Portugal 10
Anselmi GARGANEGA Veneto, IT 9
Landhaus Mayer GRÜNER VELTLINER Lower Austria 9
Gundlach Bundschu GEWURZTRAMINER Sonoma, CA 11

House Blends/Infusions

The Rabbit’s Hole
a blend aged in white oak barrels for 12 months of a California zen and shiraz ran through an infuser of raspberries and cacao nibs and garnished with raspberries – 10

The Eye Opener
An inky black tannat with a thick body that is infused with coffee and chocolate – 10

Mediterranean Sunset
A rose blended with lavender and orange peels – 10 

*frites come with garlic aoli or ketchup*

Mini Caprese Bites 3
Frites (Sm. 3 | Lg. 5)
Mushroom Pate 4

*complimentary bread and pickles with plate*

Tart Cherry Chutney 2
Honey Salted Almonds 2
Green Olives 2
Fern Valley Goat Cheese 3
Smoking Goat Gouda 3
Hillman’s Sharp Cheddar 3
Fountrese Prescutto 3
Benton’s Candied Bacon 3
Black Peppered Salami 3
Smoked Salmon 4

Finger Sandwiches

The Millennial 5
(forchetta bread, avocado, sriracha, sea salt, and cracked black pepper)

The MeMa 5
(toasted forchetta bread with Duke’s mayo, Granger co. tomatoes, cracked pepper, and sea salt)

Childhood Nostalgia 4
(toasted white bread, whipped butter, cinnamon, and sugar)

Jack Fruit Spicy Tacos 4
(white tortilla, thai chili sauce, shredded jack fruit)