Cicada – Courtyard


The back area of Cicada Barrel House is a large space to play with that we would like to be open and freeing but also well-secluded and safe. We would have bamboo planted on both ends of the courtyard to block off outsider views of the patrons in the patio space. The wooded area behind the courtyard is lovely with cicada calls in the Summer evening, but we would also have a low fence that would follow the woods. We’d grow honeysuckle on and perhaps a few hop/grape plants on it.

The wall of the building is a nice golden color, so we would add a painting of hop and grape vines intertwining into each other along its bottom half.

The tables themselves would be an amalgamation of things– some would be wooden benches with umbrellas. Some would be lounge chairs with metal tables. Some would be quirky, colorful chairs with wine barrel based tables. The idea is to create an inviting space that is open to multiple needs and offers options for a variety of moods and tastes.

We would use pebble gravel for the courtyard. The small stones are good for walking around on, they absorb heat and water, and they give the courtyard a more cozy, inviting look than concrete would.

We would also have a very nice, professionally created Bocce Ball court filled with crushed red brick for those interested in a friendly, low stress/low competition game that doesn’t create a lot of mess or noise. It does a good job making the area look inviting and fun without appearing “rowdy.”

We would have roped lights swinging from the building to opposite poles to create a nice ambient effect, so when the evening hours hit, people can still comfortably see each other and enjoy their wine and sour ales in a dimmer, more intimate setting.

People would return their plates and disposables to a few designated spots in the courtyard for the kitchen and bar to retrieve. We want people to feel independent and unimpeded by wait staff weaving between tables and checking up on customers.

The outdoor patio would be dog friendly.